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The Tool Box is a series of professional development sessions, led by local school or community experts, that helps practitioners reach a level of understanding of a particular skill or knowledge-base. The goal is for immediate, hands-on practical use of the strategies used by peers with the understanding of benefits challenges, and pitfalls of making changes to benefit education and students.

The Tool Box series provides learners with a chance to network with other administrators, share ideas, learn practical and effective approaches to problems and valuable problem solving skills.

Upcoming Sessions

Tool Box Series with Mr. Bobby Smith" 

Using the CCRPI to Drive Communication, Collaboration, and Change”


Thursday, March 23, 2017Bobby Smith

9AM – 3:30PM

Welcome Center

Bibb County Schools

 2003 Riverside Drive

Macon, GA 31204


TOPIC:  This workshop will provide school and district leaders a deeper understanding of the various components and indicators of the 2016 College and Career Ready Performance Index.


§  This session will provide leaders and other staff an opportunity to analyze most recent CCRPI results with the impact of Georgia Milestones.

§  Participants will use several spreadsheet tools to perform analysis of their actual data.

§  Participants will be shown how to identify needs, set targets, and develop strategies for their next school improvement plans.

§  Participants will be provided a power point and additional files that can be used to redeliver the training to other district and school staff.

What participants should bring:

§  Participants should bring fully-charged notebook computers that have Excel. (Two or three participants from one school can share a computer.)

§  Participants should also bring printouts of their 2015 CCRPI reports, all tabs including Flags and Climate Stars.

§  Participants should have access to their 2015 and 2016 Milestone data.




Regular Early Bird
Principals Center Partner $120 $100
For partners only, each fifth person is FREE (from the same school).
Non-Partner $140 $120
* Partners may be individuals, schools, associations or collection of schools, or school systems. Contact the Center, your principal or your system’s professional development office to ascertain whether you are a partner or not.

* The Tool Box Series registration fee (one day event from 9AM – 3:30PM) includes continental breakfast and lunch per participant.


To become a partner of the Principals Center contact Dionne Cowan at 404-413-8257 or email her at

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