INPC History

Principals Center Movement

The Principal Center movement began in the late 1970s with the opening of three centers, including one at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. By the mid-eighties, the movement led by Roland Barth of Harvard included over 100 centers across the United States (Ackerman, 1988). These centers were developed out of an evolving belief that principals should participate in the planning of their own professional development.

“These centers are a laboratory that seeks to foster learning, to make visible and available professional craft knowledge, to encourage risk-taking and to develop a culture of collegiality” (Barth 1987).

Our History

The Principals’ Center Network emerged in 1982 from the growth of principals’ centers. Today the International Network of Principals’ Centers (INPC) fosters the exchange of ideas and facilitates communication and learning among the various principals’ centers and leadership academies throughout the United States and internationally.

Annual Conversations is the hallmark of the Network where educational leaders gather for learning and dialogue on important education issues on leadership for successful schools.