Beginning Principals Academy Cohort for First Year Principals

“The program for new educational leaders at Georgia State’s Beginning Principals Center was inspiring and provided a wealth of knowledge into leading schools.  The program explored who we are as individuals and how that impacts our role as educational leaders. The strategies and skills I learned this past year I know will help me with enhancing student learning and creating success for my school. Dr. Brown is an awesome leader, teacher, and mentor.  She truly cares about building leadership capacity in new principals. I am honored to have been a part of the Beginning Principals Academy Cohort.”               – Patrice Graham (Rockdale County Public Schools)


I attended the Beginning Principal’s Academy to enhance my leadership skills. The experience was powerful and full of research-based strategies necessary to impact student learning and create success at the school level. Drs. Brown and Cowan treated me with the utmost respect and took a personal interest to ensure I received the most out of the program. I left the program more confident, competent, and effective as an educational leader.” – Donna Solomon (Ware County)


Seminar for Assistant Principals Cohort

“This has been one of the best Cohorts I’ve experienced. From the size of the class, the diversity of the  types of leaders, to the humbleness, flexibility and knowledge of the instructor. I’ve really enjoyed this experience and would love to be a part of it next year.”  – Antwayne Sanders (Fulton County Schools)


“I am Dr. Gregory Gardner, and I currently serve as an assistant principal at Carver Road Middle School in Griffin, Georgia.  Our school has been a model school for two years, so I went into the Assistant Principal’s Cohort at the Principal’s Center knowing that I had a lot to offer, but I also wanted to see how things were done at other schools.  I knew that I would gain an experience that would be beneficial, but I had no idea of the extent I would grow as a leader.  Our class was an open forum.  We discussed trends, issues as a collective unit, issues we had individually, and my classmates and I were able to work together to find solutions.  Our instructor was always a listener first, and she asked us prompting questions that made us think through our problems.  The most beneficial aspect of the class was the opportunity to work with others outside of my district and to work through real issues that existed in our schools.  I always left class feeling energized, emailing my principal numerous times during class.  I can recall my principal saying, “Hey, save all of that information for tomorrow.  You’re flooding my email!”  I was always excited on the days when I knew I would be traveling up to the Principal’s Center for class.  My experience there was priceless.  I encourage all leaders to join the cohort, be in the moment, and work to become masters of the craft.  I know that I am a better leader because of the time I spent going through this class.”                                                                                                               – Gregory Gardner, Ed.D. (Griffin-Spalding County School System)


Instructional Coaches Collaborative Cohort

“This program helped me tremendously in my coaching role. The 2016-2017 school year was my first time serving as an instructional coach at my school, and I was unsure of what this new role entailed. From our first class, I knew this was the place to help me navigate this new course. I love Dr. Brown because she provided real-world applications to help us understand how to be effective coaches and help our teachers improve in all areas. I also learned a great deal of information from the other coaches who attended this session because they were able to share some of their school strategies that worked. I cannot wait to attend another cohort session in the fall to continue my growth.”                   – Gloria Bruce (Private School)


“The Instructional Coaches Collaborative Cohort was an invaluable resource! As a first year coach, participating in the cohort allowed me to gather information from experienced coaches, as well as learn Best Practices from Dr. Brown and other experts in the field. Not only did this course help me complete my duties with efficiency, it also provided me with a deeper knowledge of the effect that my role can have on my school, as well as my district. I look forward to continuing with the next cohort, and I would highly recommend this course to any coach that desires to improve their performance as well as increase their understanding of the vital role they play within their school.”                                               – Adria E. Luster, PhD (Atlanta Public Schools)